Sunday, April 21, 2013

To the Wonder

#8 - To The Wonder


A movie that is slightly disjointed and confusing to anyone else’s eyes, but is utterly entrancing if you simply don’t speak or do anything else while watching it.  Even though I denounced it in front of my parents, I was secretly enthralled by it as an artist and found it stunning.  I was enthralled by the artistic shots that were taken.  Every angle made me feel as though I was invisible person that was in the midst of every private moment that they were having and that it was more than a film.

Everything about the film had a sort of natural feel to it, and melded into reality and showed how the sweet things in life are never permanent, only brief, but beautiful, and that those moments are the ones that we hold on to the tightest. 

My parents keep saying that they keep feeling as though the entire movie is an introduction to something, and I know that it’s not their style, but it seems to me to be a movie that captures not just perfect moments but instead the real ones, the ones that keep us honest.  And throughout it, there is the woman speaking of her thoughts about what she is seeing, about what she is feeling, and it just draws me in.  There is a raw honesty to the movie; an integrity to it that I haven’t seen in anything before.

As an artist, I can appreciate it in many ways, but if you’re looking for a movie that is your typical movie, do not look here.  But still…it is beautiful.

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